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RISC OS London Show

Saturday 24th October 2020



Thanks to all the below exhibitors for making the 2019 show so successful!

Contact us if you are interested in taking a stand at this year's show.

  1. 3rd Event Technologies - AMCS, Advanced Music Creation System
    Quincy Coleman demonstrating the AMCS MIDI music sequencer and operating system.

  2. Aemulor and Geminus
    Adrian Lees will have a major new application on display for the first time. Come along to his stand to find out what it is! He will also be happy to talk about developments of Aemulor, the 26-bit emulator for running old software on modern machines, and the graphics acceleration system Geminus.

  3. AMCOG Games
    Anthony Bartram is hoping to release a new game, provisionally titled "Star Mine", at the show, to add to the TEN games already in AMCOG's collection. This game is a first person perspective space game based on the 3D engine used for AMCOG's 2018 award winning title "Island of the Undead" and built using digitally enhanced physical models. He will also be demonstrating his Software Development Kit and the RDSP sound synthesiser, and encouraging new RISC OS developers!.

  4. Archive Magazine
    The subscription magazine for all users of RISC OS software and hardware. Pick up the latest issue or get the DVD for 30 years of articles in an easily searchable format.

  5. BBC Media Preservation
    Several years ago Paul Emerton obtained the BBC's remaining Special Projects Archimedes and RiscPC machines and media. These systems were used for producing graphics for titles and quiz show scoreboards during the 90s. See the restored machines in action and create your own winning Lottery ticket!

  6. Charity Stand
    Donate your old hardware and software, and buy others to help raise money for Combat Stress.

  7. Chris Hall
    Chris will be selling his family tree generator program, FamTree. He will also be showing the latest version of his Raspberry Pi based portable GPS unit with PaPiRus display, OLED display, and GPS module, with internal LiPo battery. It can record a GPX route and read it into RiscOSM to analyse speed profile etc.

  8. CJE Micro's - The Fourth Dimension
    The dealer with it all - if it's not in stock, it probably doesn't exist! Including the RapidO Ti and RapidO Ig desktop systems, the RaspberryRO Lite, and the eye-catching laptop the Pi-topRO v2.

  9. Daryl Dudey - 3D Engine
    Daryl Dudey has recently returned to programming on RISC OS and has developed a 3D graphics engine that can be called from BASIC or C. He will be showing off a demo and encouraging others to try it out.

  10. Drag 'n Drop
    Chris Dewhurst with the latest issue of the PDF based magazine and bundles of the past issues. Also check out his range of programming books on CD.

  11. Impression X
    Richard Keefe will have the latest beta version of Impression X available for sale. See how far he has progressed with the epic task of updating Impression to run on modern RISC OS machines.

  12. Jim Russell
    Jim Russell will be bringing along his BBC Micro that runs RISC OS! Come and have a closer look and chat with him about how he has achieved this feat.

  13. Organizer
    Nigel Willmott with the latest updates to the personal management software.

  14. Orpheus Internet
    The RISC OS friendly ISP will be on hand to talk about internet services and data centres.

  15. R-Comp
    R-Comp will be demonstrating their range of native ARM based RISC OS systems - the ARMX6, mini.m and TiMachine desktops, and the ARMbook laptop. Plus they will have their RISCube and RISCbook family of VirtualRPC computers. There will also be the latest updates to their extensive software collection.

  16. RISC OS Bits
    Andy Marks will have RISCOSbits' ever growing range of interestingly named systems and addons for sale. These will include the BURP-X custom aluminium case suitable for housing an IGEPv5, Pi or Wandboard, and the tiny si.zeRO MAX with its 1.4GHz CPU and 32GB solid state storage. Plus Raspberry Pi RISC OS Starter Packs with everything you need to get going.

  17. RISC OS Developments Ltd
    The crowd-sourcing organisation helping to fund developments of RISC OS and its applications will be on hand to report on progress, answer questions, and hopefully sign you up.

  18. RISC OS Open Ltd
    Charged by Castle RISC OS Developments with maintaining the Shared Open Source RISC OS, ROOL will be demoing latest developments, talking about future plans and showing off their updated documentation.

  19. Riscy Robots
    The rise of the machines! Neil Fazakerley will have the usual gaggle of robots to play with, controlled via GPIO, USB, SPI and I2C, with interfacing being demonstrated via BBC BASIC on the Raspberry Pi.

  20. ROUGOL
    The RISC OS User Group Of London, the show organisers, will be on hand to try to tempt you to its upcoming meetings and talk about RISC OS in London in general.

  21. RPCEmu
    Current RPCEmu developers, Matthew and Peter Howkins, will be demonstrating the latest version of the cross platform Risc PC emulator and answering questions about their future plans.

  22. Soft Rock Software
    Vince Hudd will have the latest edition of the Soft Rock Software Collection on sale. Featuring all of the RISC OS applications, games, and utilities currently available from the Soft Rock Software website, plus bonus extras! The last few of his RiscPC styled case for the Raspberry Pi, the RiscPiC, will be available - grab one while you can.

  23. Tricky Gaming
    Come along and try out Tricky's (Richard Broadhurst) new games for the BBC Micro, and maybe give your old favourites a go too.

  24. University of Cantabria
    The University of Cantabria is making the trip over from Spain to demonstrate their ARM code debugger, UCDebug. This was developed for use in teaching their computer architecture courses, with RISC OS chosen because they wanted a system that made it easy to directly interact with the hardware of the Raspberry Pi.

  25. VideoNuLA
    See BBC Micro graphics like you've never seen before with Rob Coleman's VideoNuLA board that upgrades the palette to 4096 colours. Also see how to use a Raspberry Pi as a Tube co-processor to emulate all those second processors you could never afford. Rob is also hoping to have his port of Doom to the Beeb completed for the show!

  26. WiFi Sheep
    Tom Williamson will be talking about his rapidly growing podcast and YouTube channel, called WiFi Sheep, all about the world of tech, with an emphasis on computing and gaming.