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RISC OS London Show

Saturday 26th October 2019 - St Giles Hotel - Feltham

Saturday 26th October 2019
St Giles Hotel - Feltham, London

The venue   Main room

11 AM to 5 PM
Tickets: £5 on the door, under-16s free

The RISC OS User Group Of London (ROUGOL) is pleased to be organising the RISC OS London Show again this year. There will be modern systems based on the Titanium, ARMX6 and Raspberry Pi, plus historic systems from Acorn's past. These will be showing the latest software developments and classic games.

If you are interested in exhibiting at the show or presenting in the theatre, contact us.


2019-10-11 - Daryl Dudey's 3D graphics engine is progressing well! See it in action at the show.
2019-10-10 - Drag n Drop, the PDF magazine, will have the latest issue and their programming books CD on sale.
2019-10-07 - Updated theatre list. Six talks now, including two from new exhibitors to the show.
2019-10-03 - Today is the 10th anniversary of our very first London Show!
2019-09-30 - Michael Grunditz, who is one of those working on a new web browser, will be on hand to answer questions.
2019-09-29 - The RPCEmu team will be demoing the much anticipated/desired "Easy Networking" support.
2019-09-28 - RISCOSbits will have new custom aluminium cases suitable for an IGEPv5, Pi or Wandboard. Plus branded SD cards and Raspberry Pi RISC OS Starter Packs with everything you need to get going.
2019-09-26 - Another show first timer, Daryl Dudey will be demonstrating his 3D graphics engine.
2019-09-25 - Adrian Lees will have a brand new product on display, more news as we get it.
2019-09-22 - Jim Russell will be making his first visit to the show, bringing along his BBC Micro running RISC OS!
2019-09-19 - Richard Keefe will be at the show with some exciting news on Impression-X developments.
2019-09-14 - Exciting new exhibitor - the University of Cantabria will be making the trip over from Spain to demonstrate their ARM code debugger, UCDebug.
2019-09-14 - More exhibitors added.
2019-09-14 - The initial list of theatre talks is up.
2019-09-07 - AMCOG will have a new first person perspective 3D space game
2019-09-04 - The initial list of exhibitors is up. More to be added soon...
2019-01-01 - Next show date has been announced - Saturday 26th October 2019. Get it in your diaries now!

Charity Stand

Bring and buy unwanted items and help raise money for charity. The stand can accept any Acorn/RISC OS related hardware or software, but not CRT monitors or x86 PCs. We're raising money for Combat Stress, a charity dedicated to providing mental health support to veterans. Any questons to