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RISC OS London Show

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Saturday 25th October 2014
St Giles Hotel - Feltham, London


11 AM to 5 PM
Tickets: £5 on the door, under-16s free

The RISC OS User Group Of London (ROUGOL) would like to thank all our exhibitors, helpers and visitors for making the 2013 show a great event, we hope to see you all again in 2014.

If you are interested in exhibiting at this year's show or presenting in the theatre, contact us.


2013-12-31 - Videos of theatre talks are now available

2013-12-12 - Show date for 2014 confirmed as Saturday 25th October

2013-10-27 - Another successful show completed, thanks everyone!

2013-10-23 - Retro Software will be showing some of their software for your 8bit machines, including the brand new Mountain Panic game released only two weeks ago!

2013-10-21 - Bernard Boase will be trying to round up volunteers to help with the Documentation Project, the task of updating the RISC OS welcome guides.

2013-10-16 - The preliminary list of theatre presentations is now online

2013-10-14 - Aemulor added to the exhibitors list.

2013-10-12 - Thanks to a loan from the Centre for Computing History we will have on display the last ever Acorn machine, the only working Phoebe prototype.

2013-09-29 - New exhibitor this year is Richard Keefe with ImpressionX. See how he is progressing with updating the ever popular DTP program to run on modern machines.

2013-09-22 - Steve Drain will be showing his BBC BASIC addon Basalt, running on his Raspberry Pi + Lapdock custom setup.

2013-09-21 - Steve Fryatt will be showing off his software, including CashBook, PrintPDF and Locate2.

2013-09-09 - The first list of exhibitors for the 2013 show is online, more updates to follow.

2013-02-24 - Help us to advertise the show by using one of our website banners on your own site.

Charity Stand

Bring and buy unwanted items and help raise money. The stand can accept any Acorn/RISC OS related hardware or software, but not CRT monitors or x86 PCs. We're raising money for Combat Stress, a charity dedicated to providing mental health support to veterans. Any questons to